Chapter News

ESMMYC Guest Speaker Tom Bell on Biking Initiatives in Rock Hill

York County, SC (Apr. 8,  2019) Rock Hill’s Outdoor Recreation Superintendent spoke about efforts to increase physical activity in the community. Many initiatives target children and focus on the schools. Tom Bell stressed the importance of policies and a built environment that supports safe biking and pedestrian activities to ensure long-term sustainability. Read about current efforts discussed during the ESMMYC April general meeting, and ways to get engaged.

Transportation Planner at Griggs Road Elementary School Career Day

Clover, SC (May 18, 2017) Allison Couick Love of ESMMYC’s Active Community Environments subcommittee spoke about her job as York County Government’s Transportation Planner at a career fair at Griggs Road Elementary School. Approximately 175 teachers and students in...