PSE vs Programs Part 1

Wholespire uses a policy, systems, and environmental change approach to increasing access to healthy foods and safe places to play while other organizations use program interventions. What’s the difference? Experts from Wholespire, Trident United Way, and Clemson University explain the differences and when to use one over the other.

PSE vs Programs Part 2

In this second and final installment of PSE vs Programs, experts from Clemson University, Furman University, and Wholespire explain how PSE strategies and programs can work collaboratively to achieve a common goal.

Tools for Telling Your Coalition’s Story

Have you ever struggled to explain what your coalition has been able to accomplish and why it matters? Once you’ve implemented a project or strategy, how do you show its impact? Evaluation can be intimidating to think about, but in its most simplified form, evaluation answers these exact questions. In Tools for Telling Your Coalition’s Story, participants will learn about strategies and tools that coalitions can use to measure their own capacity and the impact their work has on the community.

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